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I’m Carma, matriarch of a family of six. The VP is my husband of 26 years and we have four wonderful children together: Nova, Lock, Kyro, and Mink (yes, those are pseudonyms, but my name is really Carma). We married in the middle of our college careers, which then took much longer to finish than normal due to moves to new cities and out of state, hiatuses for work, and other things, which is largely why our children didn’t start coming until ten years into our marriage. We have two teens and two elementary age kids as of this writing (2011).

Our children have always been homeschooled … I can’t say 100% unschooled since The VP is not 100% on board with that, but we are about as relaxed as homeschoolers can get and not be 100% unschooling. I decided in the last year of getting my elementary education degree that I would homeschool, not entirely for the reasons you probably suppose. You can read that longish saga here if you wish.

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Financial Disclosure

This is a personal blog, and the opinions expressed here are my own. Any products I recommend here will be products I have reviewed for quality and my honest opinion will always be presented. I am not paid to write any reviews, but I may receive a compensation if any reader makes a purchase by clicking to its page from this site. The Shop page features original designs made by me and produced through Zazzle and Cafepress, online print-on-demand storefronts.


Background Zendoodle by my daughter Nova.

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  1. Wow, this is so cool! Your approach and insight are so valuable — always, but especially among the attitudes forcefully expressed by so many homeschoolers this decade. Anyway, the thoroughness of your essay on how-to history, and on each topic you present, is also so clear and helpful. Thank you for writing, for doing what you have been doing, and for following your path.
    May i send a sample of our history stuff for your review, or use? (You did not think this was only a back-patting session?) Because you have such an open-faced, clear-eyed approach, trying to draw together wide swaths of learners, i think you would appreciate our history stuff. If you have not already checked it out, would you accept a set to examine? Would you like ancients or middle ages? Find our stuff at http://www.dianawaring.com. Thanks. Keep it up.

  2. our stories of late or unnatural readers is almost identical~ We received immense amounts of criticism for backing off and simply reading to our son. It was just before his 10th birthday that he was in a situation where he picked up a small chapter book and read it cover to cover in rapid time- was astonished that so much entertainment could be found there and his 2nd book was” The Hobbit” and I tried to dissuade such a hard book right off – he read it with complete comprehension and has blown through more books than I can count a year and a half later.

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