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Wordless Wednesday: Eight-Year-Old Girl’s Note to Self

8yo Note to Self

I don’t know why this struck me so funny, but it did. It really did.

Movie Monday: Born to Learn!

Birds fly. Fish swim. People learn.
~ John Holt

It turns out that the above quote is turning out to be more true than we thought! You’ve heard that babies are born already recognizing their mother’s voices, sometimes their father’s, and things like a passage from a book that mother read over and over. Well watch this amazing video from TED to see what else babies learn while in the womb!

TED, a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading started out as a conference for people from three worlds (Technology, Entertainment, Design) but its scope has become ever broader since then. I love the TED Talks!

Wordless Wednesday: Homeschoolers DO Know How to “Make” Friends!

Homeschool Friends

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Post-Prandial Pondering

Thanksgiving Turkey and DressingMy annual Thanksgiving post-prandial pondering for 2011. Think I can use this as an example next time we study poetry?

Turkey: all et
Table: unset
Remains: in foil
Carcass: aboil
Waistbands: loosed
Extra pounds: caboosed

Wordless Wednesday: On the Swing

Nova, age 10

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Movie Monday: The Ninja Video

Proud parent moment here: the director and voiceovers are my 13yo daughter; the star of the show is my 11yo son; the bit parts are my 7yo son and 5yo daughter. This is entirely their idea and execution. Enjoy!

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