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Ron Paul and Raw Milk

Kudos to Texas Senator Ron Paul for introducing some sensible legislation regarding raw milk! Milk and dairy products are a food and should not be regulated any differently than other foodstuffs. We all purchase raw food all the time – eggs, meat, vegetables – and cook it or eat it raw according to preference. Why should milk be any different?

Got Raw shirtAll foods – cooked or raw – are at risk of harboring pathogens, and raw milk is no more risky than any other food. Why are we spending untold amounts of our tax dollars on year-long sting operations to take down a raw milk farmer? Fortunately, the bureaucratic idiocy at Amish farmer Dan Allgyer’s Rainbow Acres has generated notice from more than just the offended raw milk community. In fact, the outrage from both the right and left sides of the political fence may be just what we need!

Conservative former Senator Fred Thompson tweeted: “The FDA concluded a year-long sting operation – against Amish farmers selling unpasteurized milk. I can’t believe they wasted their time on this when there are so many unlicensed lemonade stands in this country.”

David Gumpert, writing at the left-leaning environmental website Grist, wonders, “Did the imposters feel any sense of remorse or shame by virtue of entering private residences to seize food — eagerly ordered and paid for by the club members — as part of a major federal investigation?”

And, most hopeful of all, Texas Congressman Ron Paul has introduced legislation to get the feds off our backs, in the Unpasteurized Milk Bill, HR 1830. Senator Paul states that “this legislation removes an unconstitutional restraint on farmers who wish to sell or otherwise distribute, and people who wish to consume, unpasteurized milk and milk products,” and ends with an appeal to “my colleagues to join me in promoting individual rights, the original intent of the Constitution, and federalism by cosponsoring my legislation to allow the interstate shipment of unpasteurized milk and milk products for human consumption.”

Go on, Feds. One more raid may be just what is needed to push the American people into getting rid of this ridiculous, outrageous, and unconstitutional piece of legislation. And GO RON!

Boiling Over

Kyro BoilSo it seems that Kyro, age 6, seems to be one of those people who just happens to be susceptible to boils. He had one in an unmentionable location several years ago while still in diapers. Then a couple of months ago, a very large one rose up above his left knee. Volcano-like, the surrounding skin was swollen, angry red, and painful, rising high to meet the core. It was a painful progression and when it burst, a gaping hole nearly as big around as a pencil where the core had been … seemingly as deep as the Grand Canyon. Now weeks later, after the scab has healed, there is still serious discoloration for about an inch all the way around, where the skin was infected, which is only slowly fading.

So imagine my distress when, while this disaster was still healing, I looked closer one day at his eye and asked him if he had banged into something, because there was swelling and redness radiating out from a point in the middle of his eyebrow. He had not hit it, but when I convinced him to let me touch it, it was immediately obvious that it was something much bigger than a pimple forming under the skin. I do know that boils (or anything) around the eye can be very serious; I read about orbital cellulitis which was rather frightening.

It was too late for anything but the emergency room at this point, and that seemed a bit drastic for a beginning boil. However, near the end of the first boil ordeal, I had discovered two homeopathic remedies for boils, which were no use for that one since it was so near to bursting already. So I decided to start with the homeopathics, alternating belladonna with arsenicum, every one every 30 minutes. And the next morning, peering closely at his eyebrow, there seemed to be less redness and swelling on the lid. I kept giving the belladonna and arsenicum, and kept it smeared with Black ointment, which I also discovered too late for any good with the previous boil. The swelling kept going down. I watched it very closely and at any sign of it getting bigger or worse even slightly, we would have headed to the doctor.

However, and blessedly, it reduced and reduced until it was barely pimple-sized. Then I turned my mind to wondering why he would get two boils so quick together and I think I came up with a somewhat plausible explanation. Until recently, he would crawl into the shower with me or his dad several times a week, but sometime back he began disdaining that. Too much clean, I suppose. The lack of showers, plus lots of outdoor play in what has turned out to be the worst allergy season ever on record, which I think may have lowered his immune system, it most likely the culprit.

So baths or showers every other day at a minimum, and so far, thank the good Lord, no further boils have reared their ugly heads.

A Pox on My House!

Chicken pox has blessedly come and now just as blessedly gone for my four now-immune children. The pox parties are over (yes, a few people wanted to come over); life is returning to normal. Expect new posts very soon! 🙂

Chicken Pox

Chicken Pox Chicken Pox

Yes, Lock has some on his tongue, Kyro has one directly on his lower eyelid, and Mink has one on her eyeball! Yikes!

But it was all over with very fast, without too much distress. First Nova and Lock caught it from someone at church, then two weeks later Kyro and Mink came down with it, having caught it from their older siblings. So glad they got it over with finally!

Nova and Lock weren’t too uncomfortable and made do with oatmeal baths. When Kyro (6) and Mink (4) got it, they were much more uncomfortable. I had started reading up on homeopathic remedies for chicken pox, so I had the homeopathic remedy rhus tox ready for them. Their pox ran its course much more quickly than the others! Nova and Lock had blisters for seven or eight days before everything finally started drying up. Kyro and Mink, on the other hand, with regular doses of rhus tox, were starting to dry up on the fourth day (at least three days earlier!) and their old blisters were clearing up by one week, when their older siblings had just started drying out. Love that homeopathy!

%$#**&(#@ HMOs

How is it that, after years on Cigna, I finally find a doctor I like, who doesn’t think I’m a complete nut case, who is fine with me using her as a diagnostician and supports me in researching gentler remedies, who has never lectured me even once for our alternative views on vaccinations … how is it that, now, after having this great doctor for myself and my kids for just a little while, our company switches to a different HMO? Don’t they know how many different doctors I had to slog through, over many years, to find the one decent doctor on Cigna? I don’t have the heart to do it all over again … it’s just not in me … [sigh] … (NO, she is not on the new health plan; first thing I checked!)

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